Social responsibility

The Development Of Employee

  1. Protect employees' rights and interests pay attention to the protection of employees' rights and interests, adhere to the legal employment, comprehensively protect employees' rights and interests in equal employment, democratic management, promote the diversified development of talents, and provide strong support for the sustainable development of the company.
  2. Realize the value of employees increase the efforts to cultivate employees, constantly improve the business ability of employees, expand the business space of employees, and maximize the value of employees.
  3. Enhance employees' sense of belonging people-oriented thinking, strengthen the construction of corporate culture, fully care for employees, and constantly enhance employees' sense of belonging

Environmental Protection

1. Strengthen environmental protection publicity, training and education to enhance employees' awareness of environmental protection:

2. Establish and improve the environmental protection responsibility system:

3. Basic environmental protection management:

4. Establish emergency rescue mechanism:

5. Invested funds to ensure the effectiveness of environmental protection:

Social Benefit

1. Huacheng company established a love group to regularly visit families of employees in difficulties, learn about their living conditions, and help them solve difficulties and overcome difficulties.

2. Huacheng company actively organizes employees to participate in various donation activities in the society to help families in need.

3. Huacheng company regularly organizes staff representatives to visit the local elderly and send them humanistic care.

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